The man behind Africaman.

Sam fuller is a travel writer and photographer who has had a huge amount of practise in travelling not only Africa, but all over the world.  With over 11 years experience travelling to and from Africa he has a well rounded knowledge of the continent which he expresses through both his photography and writing.

Born and raised in Kent in the South East of England Sam finally broke out from Europe at the age of 16 and travelled to Namibia where he fell in love with everything the country had to offer. And since then that passion has spread across the continent, he has not only backpacked across the length of Africa twice but he has also both lived and worked in Africa picking up a few languages along the way.

I have seen Sam’s skills in photography and writing develop more and more as he continues to push the barriers of exploration and adventure, with such a fascinating life I couldn’t help but ask how he does it!

“Over the years travelling has just become a way of life for me. Where most people fear leaving their comfort zone behind to see what’s out there I’m quite the opposite, out on a dusty track in the middle of nowhere is my comfort zone, the thought of settling down is what gets me anxious.”

Sam is currently spending a year in Australia where, with a combination of work and travel across the country he hopes to raise enough money to travel to New Zealand and then in 2015 partake in a trip across West Africa.  But why? After 11 years of travel and in his late 20’s now what is it that keeps Sam going?

“When it comes to travelling I’m not a ‘tick it off the list’ kind of guy, when I go to see a country I want to really see it!  It’s not only the people and the wildlife that I love, but it’s the freedom, that nothing matters and yet everything matters, it’s that feeling that what you’re doing just feels right and you’re really seeing and experiencing everything life has to offer.”

I am so thrilled that finally this site has been put together, I hope you all enjoy the photographs and writings that I have been captivated by for so long.

Best of luck to you Sam,

Mike Burnham